Portainer alternatives for docker swarm on TPi2
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The TPi2 tutorials explain how to get docker swarm up and running and then continue with setting up Portainer to manage the nodes. Unfortunately Portainer changed their 'free licence' rules last year dropping from a maximum of 5 nodes to just 3. So you'd now have to now buy a Home and Student licence at $149/yr. I've been looking for alternatives but I can't really see anything at the moment, e.g. - Yacht - Not been updated since 2021 - DocUI - No longer being maintaned, recommend LazyDocker - LazyDocker - Doesn't appear to support Docker Swarm - dyrector.io - 4 of the required containers are only available for the amd64 architecture Are there any other alternatives? If not I guess I'll just have to use the CLI.
I would guess that all orchestration initiative has moved to k8s/k3s
but yeah these days it's "weave gitops / fluxcd / etc and kubernetes"
or https://harvesterhci.io/ but getting that running on an RK1 or similar would be... "fun"