Kickstarter FAQ
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I created my Kickstarter account with Apple private email, can I use the same email address on Unfortunately, you won't be able to use the same email address on However, you can reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help you change the email address associated with your account. ❓ I logged into with the same email address used on Kickstarter but don't see my order. What should I do? Don't worry! Since we import orders in batches, it may take some time. Check the latest backer numbers on Kickstarter for project updates to get an idea of when yours will be imported. ❓ Why I don't see NVMe add-on in my order? All Turing Pi 2 devices that we sell on our website come with NVMe by default, that's why we do not list NVMe as a separate add-on to avoid confusions for new customers. If you paid for NVMe on Kickstarter or using typeform, rest assured you will receive your device with NVMe. ❓ *Why I have to pay for shipping? * Shipping was not included in the Kickstarter pledge. This is mentioned multiple times on the KS project page. ❓ Why didn't I receive an email about my order if it's in the imported range? If you already have a account, you wouldn't receive an email. Simply go to My account > Orders page to navigate your order
Uh, in regards to the imported order, when updating it, does it cancel and make a new order? My account shows a cancelled order now, as well as a new order being processed.
Yes, this is expected behavior. A new order is going to be created and if it's in a "processing" status it's all good.