Has anyone gotten the NPU on the RK1 to work with ...
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I posted this question in the #1031260012720427139 channel, and got deafening silence, so I'm asking here as well, to be annoying: Has anyone got the NPU on the RK1 to work with anything at all? If so, how? I have gone over the code from Rockchip and had absolutely zero luck making any sense of it. Most of the documentation assumes deployment to an Android phone from an
PC, neither of which I have access to. Surely the number 1 use-case for an NPU library for the RK3588 is to build things on an RK3588? Am I the only one on crazy-pills or something? There is work being done by Tomeu Vizoso on an open-source kernel driver for the RK3588 NPU, which has been submitted to the mainline for Linux/Mesa (see here: https://blog.tomeuvizoso.net/2024/06/rockchip-npu-update-4-kernel-driver-for.html?m=1), but that may take many many months to trickle down to something usable by mere mortals such as us. Then there is the talk of "the binary blob" for the RockChip NPU. Where is it? How do I install it? Weeks of googling and reading documentation have lead me round in circles. Can anybody give me a starting point to be able to try this stuff out? Honestly, it seemed like this was the "raison d'etre" for the RK1, but seems to be largely ignored. I find that extremely puzzling and disappointing.
And again… deafening silence… @DhanOS (Daniel Kukiela) ? Anyone from @User?
Thanks, @Spooky First helpful response I've had.
Will check that out too. Thanks @nsky