RK1 Flashing
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Hi, I just powered up my RK1 and I want to flash it with the Ubuntu image using the BMC flash node page according to the documentation. However I only have an xz file from the link not an iso am i missing a step ?
flashing from a fedora workstation if that's relevant
sorry to waste time i just need to unxz it.
If the xz package is not installed I believe you can use “sudo dnf install xz” or “sudo yum install xz” to install on Fedora and then try xz -d to decompress
If you have a microSD installed to expand the BMC's storage, you can scp the compressed .img file to that location. The BMC firmware includes a stripped down version of xz. You can flash the RK1 directly via the tpi command. Let me know if you need the command syntax.