BMC 2.0.5 Node OS flash via UI - works great!
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Just thoght I'd give some positive feedback to all who have put in clealry an immense amount of work into the BMC firmware. Apart from all of the background changes, the introduction of being able to flash the node OS from the BMC UI is a big step forward. I upgraded the BMC yesterday which went really well (other than some weird glitch with the BMC UART - yet to be fully understood and seemingly now DOA). Then I realised that the Pi OS version on my 4 CM4s had changed so I decided to try out the OS flash via the GUI. It worked really well! I flashed my 4 eMMC CM4s with no problem at all. Way less palava than the original USB-based flash process. Awesome work, BMC devs!
I recently updated the BMC to v2.0.5 and successfuly managed to flash a CM4 node with the UI. Worked perfectly! @User , is possible to use the
api to flash a node with an image which would be located on my computer (like we can do now with the UI) ?
This should be no problem, the command for this should be
tpi flash --image-path /your/image
.make sure you have the latest version of the tpi installed on your computer. should have the latest version.
Oh ok, I can install the `tpi `api on my local computer. Thanks @svenrademakers , I'll try that 🙂
I had to add
in line
deb [trusted=yes] ./
to allow update of the repo (I'm using Ubuntu, not sure if it's related...) I could run some
commands successfully!
yes your right i didnt add all the mandatory files yet to the debian repo. glad to hear its working
Has anyone tried this for Nvidia modules?
Won't work. Only rpi-boot-compatible solutions so probably only CM4 and RK1 for now