TPi2 clusters using Warewulf and Enterprise Linux
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I posted some information on my experiments using Fedora 39 (which boots natively on the RPi CM4 after taking care of the lack of an initial account provisioning scheme compatible with the Raspberry Pi Imager software) and probably others, with my desire to work on making the cluster node provisioning tool Warewulf 4 work with the Turing Pi setup. I'd like to totally bypass the flashing step so familiar to Raspberry Pi owners and work directly with the container-based node provisioning and overlay setup used to build large clusters in WW4. We will go on to compare this with other SBC cluster options and hardware, but meanwhile would appreciate some co-experimenters here willing to work with Fedora and/or the Enterprise Linux distros. Any volunteers would be welcome to join. Details at (Mattermost) or (Slack), and/or reply here if interested!