cannot flash OS on to CM4
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Hi all, I can't get rpiboot to pick up on the CM4 EMMC storage. Connected up via a male to male USB cable, made sure the CM4 module is in slot 2, ran sudo ./rpiboot -d msd but when I start up the node 2 in device mode, nothing happens. Help!
Try in node 3 or 4
I have done, tried em all 😦
All in device mode and node turned on via the gui
ok, so it randomly started working after 3 restarts and flicking the node on/off a few times in the gui. Not exactly confidence inspiring, but Im in. Thanks for the reply.
Make sure to turn the module power off, then set the USB mode then power the module on again, otherwise it won;t run into the flashing mode.
I tried this many, many times on all 4 nodes and it never works. No quit sure what to do next ...
I am facing also an issue with my CM4. I could successfully flash it (at least the checksum resulted that way) but when starting the node, it is not powering up networking, i.e., does not who up. I also have ssh touched and UART settings tried but the latter do not even show a login. Anyone any clue?