Test BMC functionality without having the physical...
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Anyone figure out how to simulate the BMC firmware, UI, and TPi tool from a VM? or Container? Was looking at Qemu but haven’t gotten that far yet with it.. #testing
there are dockerfiles in github etc. Not sure if anything is stubbed out to experiment with though
There is no hardware emulator for TPi2. What would you use it for?
I was thinking it would be cool to test/ experiment with the functionality of the bmc before buying one?? so everything we expect from the board.. flashing, firmware upgrades… node management.. and then ultimately can be used to make further improvements.. terraform, ansible, cloud-init?
i know issues are inevitable.. but maybe it would help catch issues earlier in the development process ? can be used in ci/cd ?
There are no plans for hardware emulation and it won't emulate hardware issues (and software issues are being caught during normal use and patched).
I'm not saying an emulator does not make sense, but I don't see how much it could be useful
there is a possibility to run the BMC API with a stub
it mainly was used for internal development purposes, for someone who didnt had possession of the board. Its not maintained, im not sure the current state, even though i think you can make it work quite easily. if you checkout https://github.com/turing-machines/bmcd, you could run it with command
cargo run --features stubbed