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I’m planning on setting up Kubernetes on my Turing Pi 1 but don’t know which software to use. Pardon any inaccurate terminology as I’ve only set up Hypriot at least a year or so ago. I strictly followed Jeff Geerling’s blog at the time. There are different references to k3s, k3d, k8s, Micro k8s, etc. I’ve found several distributions listed as well, with different ways of rolling out the above: - Hypriot - Ubuntu Server - DietPi - Raspberry OS Some (like Hypriot) seem to have faded away. I’d like to setup another Pi 4B 8GB, VM on my Dell PE R530, or a node on my TP2 as the admin/master. Any suggestions? P.S. Followed the following a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away: Jeff Geerling's [Turing Pi Cluster]( @User
- Jeff Geerling's [Turing Pi Cluster](
^ just a link for future reference
What I ended up doing has worked really well, although it was kind of a happy accident. I had started using microk8s on an intel box as an all-in-one node, and I added my TuringPi modules as worker-only (non-HA) microk8s nodes. This meant I could keep my fav distro on all the nodes.
I've been using k3s(Raspbian based host) on RPi based clusters and it worked quite well for me.
I'm also using K3s, I've set it up with a modified version of My modifications were a mix of some commits from PRs about multiple nodes in the control plane and some fixes for Manjaro on ARM and I added a nginx load balancer: (Some of my changes may exist upstream now - I can see my fork is getting far behind) With TP1 and CM3 the control plane is too heavy for one node (and I wanted redundancy), so I recommend having more than one "server" node
I'm using this Ansible Role (on TPi2 though) which seems more active 😉