Coral + M2 to 6 sata adapter
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So, another question, I just ran into an issue on an Optiplex 7040 where I tried to use one of the 6 sata to M2 connector in the m2 slot number 2, and the google coral in m2 slot 1, however, it seems that it doesn't work at the same time as when the m2 adapter is plugged in, it appears under /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:02:00.0, where the coral usually shows up but is now doesn't appear period. My question is, if I use this m2 adatper on an RK1, and use the coral on the mini pcie slot for either slot 1 or 2, will I run into the same issue? I assume this is a limitation of dell's hardware and I want to know if I need to return this 6 sata to M2 adapter or not. This is the adapter I'm using: This is the coral I'm using (with an M2 AE key adapter)
I would say this may indeed be a limitation of the Dell hardware. I don't know (yet) if it is going to work with RK1. I guess it should, but you always need to test to know for sure. Anyway, you won't see the same problem here - each M.2 port is connected to a different node.