IP assignment by Slot ID
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Has anyone tried to allocate IP addresses based on which slot the node is inserted into?
I imagine most people would implement this by configuring a DHCP server with a static lease for each node by its MAC address, but of course that would require foreknowledge of slotMACaddr.
In the DHCP world, there's something called "option 82," which is a field that's inserted into DHCP requests by switches to indicate the port that received the DHCP request. The idea is the DHCP server can use this to learn the physical location of a client (for e.g. verifying subscriber status or assigning a unique IP to each port). I bet the TP2's RTL8370 could be made to support option 82 -- albeit with a lot of work -- if there's enough demand for such a feature. 🤔
would be a nice option... especially if the nodes are all identical peers; in that case the only differentiating factor would be the node slots