merge 2 pledges?
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12/13/2022, 2:37 PM
Hey team, Uhhh sooooo while I was convalescing in hospital high on pain meds trying not to die, I enthusiastically backed the project on KS. A few days later I was checking up and realized I had no idea what account I logged into KS with. Thinking it was all a fever-dream (i was septic), I pledged again, thinking “bah let’s get two! “ I created a KS account and pledged gladly! Later, I realized I made my first pledge while logged in with Apple’s private relay instead of my usual email (I was in lala land remember don’t judge 😅😅😅) Is there anyway to merge the pledges on your end or do I have to talk to KS? Or do I just deal with it as is? To be clear, I want them all! I have plans for them! Just want to do the whole backer survey thing once. Best, Josh


12/13/2022, 3:09 PM
you might want to send an email too with details, just in case.