yellow blinking led
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I have received my turing pi v2 finally and i have 2 cm4s along with the std psu from turing pi. The turing board powers up, green led at psu and the ethernet port is indicating contact ( blikning green). But there is a blinking yellow led at the first slot. I cannot fins any new ip on my network so i guess the board does not boot properly. What does the blinking yellow mean at slot #1? Anybody experienced the same problem?
Is the RTC battery in? if so remove it 🙂 there is a known issue
And did you press the key #1 on the board to actually turn the nodes on? (or tpi command to power on via SSH)
The BMC, however, should appear in the network even without that 🙂
And I just realized no answer about the LED - the Orange LED there is not the Node 1 LED, but the BMC LED and is the network activity for the BMC
Thanks, got everything sorted now, i have 2 running nodes now👍