received - no cms
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I just received my TP2 today! Unfortunately I can't seem to locate any compute modules to put in it. Any advice on a strategy for locating a CM4? Any idea when the RK1s will be available?
People use rpilocator to track CM4s
RK1s are still in a pre-prototype stage (The team should get some prototypes soon and then we'll see)
I bought my CM4s in November of 2021, used the rpilocator to order them from welectron in Germany (I live in the US)… they sat in a drawer for almost a year 😉
Last I heard availability was supposed to be “improving” but I couldn’t quote you anything definitive
My only recommendation is to avoid Amazon, etc., and buy only from authorized vendors so you only pay MSRP.
The pine64 SOQUARTZ 2gb and 4gb modules are in stock, and do work in the CM4 adapters. Basic functions (boot, wired network) work out of the box, will need device tree work for the rest.