Raspberry Pi 2 Model B + Turing Pi 2 Winning Combo
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Greetings All ... Thought I'd share the details of my Turing Pi 2 configuration. After bumbling around with the Windows rpiboot tool, and refusing to dive into the Mac OS option, I fell back on an old favorite - the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. I've got the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running the usbboot / rpiboot tool, which is easily implemented and completely reliable. I've got VNC running on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, along with SSH. I've got a USB-A to USB-A cable connecting the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to the Turing Pi 2. I can VNC into the Raspberry Pi 2, access the Web Interface of the Turing Pi 2, power off a Node, switch it to Device Mode, power it back on, then run rpiboot on the Raspberry Pi 2, and the Node set to Device Mode reads as two disks on the Raspberry Pi 2. This is useful for: Using dd to load an image. Reversing file-based configuration issues you inadvertently screwed up. Other fine purposes yet to be discovered. It's a Remote-Access Dream. And now I don't have to walk from my home office to my lab (basement) to futz with the Device Mode settings. That is all. Sincerely ... Stephen
Yeah, multiple people used their Raspberry PIs and dd to flash CMs with an A-to-A cable.
I'm glad to hear you managed to flash your modules finally!
I beat my head against the wall for about an hour or so, then thought, "Wait a minute, I've done this before." The Raspberry Pi 2 running the 64-bit Bullseye OS is a wonderful thing for connecting to the Turing Pi 2.