can’t flash CM4s through usb
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Hey I’m not able to flash my CM4s through usb as the device does not showing on my Mac. I have to use USB A-C as I don’t have any device to ich USB A anymore without using an adapter. Any ideas? Did all the steps from the docs but no luck. And as I only have one light model, my other two can’t be flashed with SD Cards as they just sit there without reading the SD card at all
Ahhh and worth mentioning that the only device reading the SD card and being flashed is not accessible via SSH at all. Pretty frustrating till that pint. Not my fist pro setup but definitely the hardest
As for flashing, please use node other than node 1. Node 1 is problematic on some boards so try it only if you successfully flash in other nodes
Then, A-to-C cables rarely work. You need A-to-A. We've heard of people having success with using USB Hubs with Macs with A-to-C cables, but this is not a rule
As for the CM4 that has the SD card - when you power on the node, the red LED next to the node should turn on. Do you see a green LED on the other side? Also keep in mind, that if you flashed, for example, Ubuntu desktop, ssh server will not be installed by default (but it is installed by default in the server version)
ahh very good to know that with node 1... will check that. Will also try again with a hub.
and I flashed the dietPi like in the help section on the site
also edited the dietpi.txt and the other file accordingly... could not see any hdmi output after flashing so I guess it worked as the settings deactivate hdmi
will give it another trail tommorow
I also have problems with but only node 1, all others work fine. And if you flashed the module in another node and then put it back in node one everything works. Is there more information about this problem, or a place where I can keep up to date?
@DhanOS (Daniel Kukiela) I could now run the rpiboot over a hub and got:
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sudo ./rpiboot -d ./msd
RPIBOOT: build-date Apr 16 2023 version 20221215~105525 21ba5119
Loading: ./msd/bootcode.bin
Loading: ./msd/bootcode4.bin
Waiting for BCM2835/6/7/2711...
Loading: ./msd/bootcode4.bin
Sending bootcode.bin
Successful read 4 bytes
Waiting for BCM2835/6/7/2711...
Loading: ./msd/bootcode4.bin
Second stage boot server
Cannot open file config.txt
Cannot open file pieeprom.sig
Loading: ./msd/start4.elf
File read: start4.elf
Cannot open file fixup4.dat
Second stage boot server done
But the device is not showing up in the drive manager nor in the finder... any ideas?
The first time it didn't show up for me either, however it was detected by the rpi imager and I was able to flash it.
so my steps are: 1. Put my CM4 in Node2 2. Put in the USB-C to C cable in my USB Hub 3. Set usb mode to
and connect node to
via the webinterface 4. switch power on for node 2 via the webinterface The above is show and the node boots up but nothing ther, pi imager also do not pick up any device
the pi is a emmc device without a sd card, but thats the point right?
ahhh wait...
got the only one without emms 🙈
haha... now it shows up... thanks 🙏
thats when you are trying 1000 combinations and get confused
so for me it was the USB hub that did the difference as it seems... node 1 also does work
Great now I have to order a usb hub as well... 😉
Great to heat!