CM4 Fan or not?
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Anyone suggestions about cooling the CM4s? Looking a a heatsink with fan right now but I’m unsure if it even would connect with its three pins to the four pin connector.
I cannot find if this fan is 5V or 12 V
The connectors next to the nodes are 5V
The other thing is CMs cannot control FAN speed, so they'll run at max speed
Also, with CM4s, you don't really need active cooling. Passive coolers and some fan blowing air across the nodes will be sufficient
Ok, one of the images says 5V, so these fans are 5V
The setup is nice ☺️🤣🤣🤣
I ended up going with 4 of these and one of these The CM4s seem to top out at about 70 degrees under a stress test with the fan controller set to low speed when clocked at 2 Ghz.
Interesting fan controller
I haven't seen these yet