Node 1 NANO Question
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Is there a way to assign a USB Port to Node 1 for KB & Mouse control for a NANO? (I believe I read that the USB2 (Next to the SW1 bank?) on the rear panel was assignable somewhere .. If so, what would the command(s) be to enable this please
You cannot use the USB Port for KB/mouse. One option is to use a mpcie usb controller but not sure it will work with Jetson Nano as its PCIe lane is connected to M2 slot
I am stuck in a similar situation and there’s similar discussions going on in chat
While the USB port can be used in the host mode, and this works with CM4, for example, the Jetson modules indeed cannot put their USB port into the host mode
Mini PCIe is not an option too, since there's no PCIe lane routed to this connection from the Nano (Nano is the only Jetson device with a single PCIe bus)
The solution would be the headless setup: - move the module to Node 2, 3 or 4 (since Node 1 can have USB issues) - set USB to host and given node (it will still work in the device mode since Jetson devices cannot put it into the host mode) but will prevent runinng in the forced recovery mode - power up the node - ->
Initial Setup Headless Mode
So the hdmi is out if moved to a different node .. VNC or alike would need to be the output then correct ?
If you need the desktop view in Node s 2-4 then yes, a VNC can be a solution
Might need some tinkering since VNC grabs the desktop but if you have no monitor connected, there's no desktop. But definitely doable, yes