BMC Firmware Idea: BOOTP + DHCP + PXE + TFTP and C...
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Not sure if this is a planned feature, if not are there any other interested in trying to design / develop a setup for PXE booting with the BMC. All kernels and installation images could be stored on a SD card so you don't need to update the firmware all the time. Anyone knows if there is some kind of systemd / openRC on the current BMC firmware? I think pretty much all those functionality could be bundled into a single binary in go which would make compilation/installation very simple to do. So in the end, you could have a "auto-install" tpi cluster.
This is part of how the BMC is going to work - you'll be able to put images n the SD card (or even SCP them there over the network) and the issue OS flashing from the BMC without a need for cables and a connected PC/Mac
Was thinking along the same lines, it would be great if it is possible to include the necessary servers in the BMC and store the boot files on the SD card. Why not use dnsmasq instead of doing custom development?
I would use the feature for doing netboot and avoid installing an OS on local storage.
in the meantime, If you flash with rpi imager(not sure if windows has the cog to do this) via usb on the turing and node in device mode, you should already have cloudinit integration, well for ubuntu-server that is
I thought I would try to add
to the BMC image but am having trouble compiling the project on my Mac, cf. [terminfo/a/ansi': No such file or directory #3]( - any hints on how to make it work is appreciated!