RK1 cooler dimensions and specs?
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Hi everyone! I am working on a project involving the cooling of CM4s installed in the TuringPi2. While browsing different aftermarket coolers and finding out about the different mounting holes, plates, springs and screws. I started to wonder about the RK1-Modules: Will the aftermarket coolers from CM4, Jetson Nano/Orin/Xavier be compatible? Will it use the same mounting holes as a CM4 or one of the Jetsons? Or will the cooler design be "something special"? And if so: What are the dimensions for designing a cooler for the RK1? INHO the last option would be the least favorite one, because most users would just have the option to glue coolers to the module and being able to attach and remove the cooler if needed is preferable. Have a great day! Simmie
The RK1 will use the same hole layout as the CM4:


But the same coolers won't fit dues to otehr component layout and height.
There are coolers with flat surface and these might work with some thermal pads
The Team, however, is working on a custom solution:



This heatsink has some cutout in the middle that you can see on the first image that might make it problematic to fit CM4 coolers
Keep in mind that this is a prototype cooler, the final design might be different