Nice Mac app for monitoring, accessing Turing Pi.
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I ran across the app ServerCat for the Mac on the App store that does a nice job of monitoring the nodes (and BMC) along with making it easy to SSH into them (SSH is a paid feature at $5.99/year). It doesn't install anything on the TPi2 but instead uses the contents of the /proc directory. And before you ask based on the first screenshot, no it doesn't have the option yet of Celsius! Note that I have no vested interest in this product other than being a satisfied user.
Wow, that looks seriously cool!
You can achieve something similar via SSH CLI (ctop, sen, lazydocker, etc) or if you want to use HTTP(S) you can use something like Grafana and Prometheus/InfluxDB/Kibana
Thanks! This looks great.
I'm not saying this is the only way to do it; it's just one option that combines everything some people need in a single, no-fuss app.