Installing archarm aarch64 (64 bit architecture) o...
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After fumbling a lot, I finally managed to get archarm aarch64 running on a CM4. It seems like the default u-boot config that comes with the image doesn't work, and you have to replace it. The official instructions at the archarm website don't work out of the box, so I followed the modified instructions from Important to note, you cannot change the device in
as suggested by the official instruction, otherwise it gets stuck.
this was very unstable. Even after booting for the first time, it would randomly not be alive when after power cycling. Also, it never recognized the mPCIe SATA cards which were recognized by the armv7 image. I am switching to dietPi for now. May revisit it later.
I have arch with mPCIe SATA up and seems to be stable no heavy testing yet. Chip is listed by lspci has a ASM1062, chip is labeled ASM1061.