Alternative power supplies?
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I'm looking to but the power supply from but the shipping is +10 and delivery date is a month out. Anyone had success with getting other similar power supplies (I have the Pico but that is going into the mini-itx case eventually)? Would it be better to get an adapter for the pico? I'm not assembling anything concrete until the case is out and I can get my hands on at least 2 RK1s.
You have a few options speaking of powering up the TPi2. To start, you can use any standard ATX or SFX power supply. You can also buy any PicoPSU available on the market. All will work. Speaking of powering up the PicoPSU from the Turing Machines, you want any 12V power supply with a 5.5/2.5 battel plug. It does not have to be 12A, but if you plan to get RK1s, at least means even 4 an d in such case you want to have some power headroom (RK1 can utilize up to 30W)