What is a fair market price today for a CM4?
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Received the TP2 but I don’t have compute modules yet. Amazon sells them sometimes but prices seem high. What is a fair market price today for a CM4 8GB RAM 32GB MMC with WiFi?
Where did you find 8GB one? We haven't seen these for months.
I am myself looking for the rarest of rare CM4s, an 8gb Pi.
I paid through the nose on eBay for my 8/32 no Wi-Fi modules. I got 4 at $150 and 4 at $170 on Amazon everything was more than $200. I wanted 8GB lites but they’re either rare or unfilterable from the sea of 1GB + 8GB modules out there.
I placed an order at Digi-Key for 3x CM4008032 in June just after the Kickstarter campaign and completely forgot about it. Then a few weeks ago I got a shipment notice, just as I was wondering what to do with my TP2 order. Not sure how big of a backlog they have, but as they are fulfilling small orders like mine it may be worth it just to place an order there until you have an alternative at least.
I still have 2 4GB/16GB CM4s for sale at $110 each or $200 together, w/ free shipping
I ordered my 4x
Raspberry Pi CM4108000 Compute Module Lite, 8 GB RAM, WLAN
in October of '21; even then I had to use http://rpilocator.com to find my CMs. As a US native I had to order mine from Welectron in Germany. However, I did luck out and paid MSRP. (~ 65 Euros each)
I bought them and put them away. I basically forgot where I put them. It was stressful trying to find them after I received my TP2.
Now? I have no idea how much you can expect. All I can say is to only pay MSRP. I'd wait for quantity/shipments to improve.
Thank you. Amazon offered a 8Gb / 32 eMMC / WiFi for 256euro.
8 GB RAM go very, very fast on rpilocator.com
I bought 4 2GB/16GB CM4102016 CM4s off eBay for USD$62.50 shipped ($45 retail) each, which was/is a really good price for 3rd-party sellers. I just bought a single 4GB/16GB CM4104016 CM4 for $110 shipped ($65 retail), again from eBay, to replace node1 which needs the extra memory. It all comes down to how much effort you're willing to put into looking, how much of a premium you're willing to spend, and how much time you're willing to wait. For me, spending $360 to get them quickly was worth it rather than waiting months staring at a Turing Pi 2 paperweight to save $115. YMMV.
if you buy them directly from China it is $80/$95 for 4gb/8gb
I got my four 2 GB RAM/16 GB eMMC CM4’s from Mouser at list price ($45) a few weeks ago. I think availability may be improving.