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there are a number of boards being released which i wonder, would they work with Turing PI 2 Sodimm factor (im not sure if Sodimm is a standard in this context) - BananaPi - BPI-RK3588 Core Board- RK3588 - upto 8GB Ram - Radxa - NX 5 - RK3588s - upto 16 GB Ram - Firefly - Core-3588J - RK3588 - upto 32GB Ram - Khadas - Edge - RK3399 - upto 4GB Ram I think the Nx5 one may have been used in prototyping just wondering if any of these boards could be used as a drop in placement, while we wait for the RK module (ps epic excited) (added) **CM4 Factor **(should hopefully be easier, as the CM4 is the standard) - Pine - SOQUARTZ - RK3566 - upto 8GB Ram if we can build up a page to know what we can use 😄
the radxa probably can, they claim to be compatible with the jetson nano and xavier nx pinouts. though it's a 3588s so it probably won't have the pcie lanes needed to do the nvme (unless they added a pcie switch)
can't tell with the bpi option there, it looks like it might be but i can't find anything saying that it actually is compatible
firefly says mxm3.0 and i think that's probably what the bpi is too. but i don't know if that's the same as the jetson pinouts
great points re the compatibility, is it that its SODIMM that makes it compatible? (does everyone agree on the pin layout, or that Nvidia have an interface definition)
not sure either. i think that nvidia just defined one for the jetson nano and xavier lines (and is slightly different in the new orin lines). i don't think that it's mxm 3.0. but i've not seen anything anywhere about what it is
(i wonder if someone can post more info on this, also updated NX5 with the S variant of the CPU)
I'm most likely gonna wait for the RK1 modules to invest a lot into modules, but I want to play around with cheaper modules in the meantime. A community-validated compatibility list would be a big help !
https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/SOQuartz Does anyone know if the pci-e on this one would be exposed through on Turing Pi 2? I've tried to figure it out but not sure I've got the right answer.
I assume that if this works on a Super6c (which it does), it is because it is pin compatible for the PCIe part. So I guess the answer is yes.
i would like to get the RK1 modules too 🙂 but in the case of availability (RPI's is impossible to buy), it may be good to understand our options
So we talked about setting up a wiki page. What would we need to do to get that set up?
Could put it on a Github Repo and add a wiki to it?
Want me to do a public repo on that? Ideally I'd fork an existing TuringPi repo and being good open-source citizens we could issue pull requests to the original, but I can't seem to find their official repos. Anyone know if/where they exist?
If not, I'll just start one and reformat the above threads into some semblance of order.
Just fired this off to the TuringPi peepz: > Hi. Was chatting with some people on the TuringPi discord server about starting up a Wiki with info about alternative CM4-like board compatibility… > > Ideally, we’d be good open-source citizens and fork your repo, then issue pull-requests, but the “official” TuringPi account seems to be a bit non-existent… Am I missing something? > > If not, we’ll just start something ourselves and start testing alternative boards on Armbian, etc. But, it’d be great if there’s something already existing we could help contribute to. > > Thanks in advance.
Okay, coz I'm impatient, here's the public repo I talked about: https://github.com/suranyami/turing-pi-2-boards Only added 1 basic page for Turing Pi RK1 for now, but will keep adding to it. Got something to contribute? Something needs correcting? Please fork and issue pull-requests. Want to collaborate on the repo? DM me and I'll add you as a collaborator. Thanks in advance.
Also, I know they've talked about Nvidia Jetson compatibility, but these Jetson Orin Nano SO-DIMM's are pretty new, so interested to hear what people have been experiencing when running these: https://www.cnx-software.com/2022/09/21/199-nvidia-jetson-orin-nano-system-on-module-delivers-up-to-40-tops/
I believe it was already mentioned that these Orin won't work with the Turing Pi 2 because of the power that they draw. From the comments on Kickstart posted by Costa Al: "Unfortunately the Orin modules are not compatible with the upcoming Turing Pi 2 board due to power limitations" Of course they could sell an adapter board that the Orin would plug into and that adapter board would be externally powered. So the Orin board would not be powered directly from the Turing Pi 2. That in itself could cause other issues though. The Orin does have a configurable power, so it might work just at a less processing power level.
I'd like to add that later Costa Al said:
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Orin NX cannot be bought until August. There is a small chance that Orin will work after tests
Additionally Nvidia said that you can indeed use Orin NX and Orin Nano boards in Xavier NX Develoepr kit (And Xavier NX is supported by TP2), but not all of the features can be used (so it's also a case if these that can be used are enough). Also it looks like Xavier NX Developer kit can handle power consumption of the Orin NX. source: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/so-the-jetson-orin-nano-will-work-with-the-xavier-nx-carrier-board/229168 I believe this means that these devices are going to be tested with TP2 and currently the answer is they possibly can work, but will be verified later.