Yeah, the EMC2301 is tiny. The "better driver" wo...
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Yeah, the EMC2301 is tiny. The "better driver" would provide very accurate fan speed control. Assuming thermal sensors are available, fan speed could be precisely managed to keep the hottest component cool without running the fan(s) at full blast. Initially, I set cur_speed to max_speed in an init.d script. That mimics the 2-pin fan header. I got tired of the noise generated by three Noctua 140mm fans (intake and exhaust over the board and intake blowing at the M.2 SSDs), so changed it to 5. This setting is quiet and still moves a fair amount of air through my chassis. As an aside, I found a way to relocate the M.2 SSDs from under the board to a different part of the chassis. Cooling the underside won't be necessary now, and the extra long, 1" board standoffs that I installed can be dispensed with.