IO Crest 2.5Gbe mPCIe Cards
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I've confirmed that the IO Crest, full-length, dual-port, 2.5GbE mPCIe card works out of the box on nodes 1 and 2 with both CM4 and RK1 SoMs running Ubuntu. The attached photos came from the RK1 u-boot, Ubuntu lspci and Ubuntu ifconfig. On Amazon, the part number is SI-MPE24079. There is also a half-length, single-port version of this card, the SI-MPE24073. IO Crest sells these cards through their AliExpress store as the IO-MPE8125B-2GLAN (dual-port) and IO-MPE8125B-GLAN (single-port). It looks like the dual-port card is no longer available, but the single-port card is available for under $20USD. Sorry, I don't have a way to test performance and stability at the moment. As time and my knowledge allows, I'll try to set up an RK1 to pxe or tftp boot from the card.
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I've ordered an IO Crest single-port, 2.5Gb, half-length mPCIe card from Amazon. I don't expect any issues, but this should allow some basic performance testing with an Ethernet crossover cable. I'll probably order a second dual-port card to test NIC bonding, round-robin performance and path failover.