PWM Fan for Turing PI 2 12V Fan
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In case someone is interested, I installed a ZFC39 V3 board to control two fans in my ATX board. The dip switch on the V3 board has 7 switches while V1.2 board has only 5 switches. The two new functions added are: - control to three fans based on one temperature sensor, - reverse the rotation The board is sold by Amazon, the picture they show is from the V1.2 board, but they sent the V3. The board control the speed from 20% to 100%. Now, when at least one Node is powered the fans start rotating slowly (zero noise). 🙂
That could be handy. What are you using to get power to them?
I connected the board to the 12V fan connector on the Turing PI 2. If the four nodes are powered off, the fans stop. Otherwise their speed depends on the temperature seen by the thermal sensor that is connected to this small board.
any pics? I just bought the controller to go into a corsair 2000D case