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12/02/2023, 12:43 PM
Now a few comments as to instructions: Links in github (as of 11:58am EST) are not fully functional - you will need to go to the DOCS links on the site - even there some of the links do not work but there is enough there to get the jist of what needs to be done (at least for SDCard Install) - best to look at the menu on the left and choose from there instead of using links in the pages.. Burn the SD card with the upgrade image - Straight forward... Insert the SD card into Turing Pi 2 and power it on - Straight Forward... Wait for the 4 LAN port LEDs to start blinking slowly - These are the LAN LED's on the back not the node LED's - I know it says that in instructions but silly me I read it uickly and expected it to be the node LED's Press KEY1 on the board or Power button in the case (if you have a front panel connected) 3 times (or type in CONFIRM in the console if you have UART connected) - I could not get the Putty connextion established (becasue the IP address changed after flashing!!) so I use the KEY1 three times methode - these need to be quick presses - no click / pause / click / pause / click - needs to be rapid click / click / click During flashing, the LEDs will animate by turning a single LED on from left to right - again these are the LAN LED's - NOT the node LED's The LEDs will flash twice and turn off when the flashing succeeds - again these are the LAN LED's - NOT the node LED's, if you miss the 2x flash it will repeat Remove the SD card and reboot - perhaps I am anal but I powered off, removed the SDCard and then re-applied power...