Mini PCIe to M.2 for RP CM4
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I’ve don’t have any experience with these myself, but the following could be compatible:
- “$2.47 20% Off | NEW Mini PCIE to NVME Adapter Mini PCIE to M2 MINI PCI-E to NVME Convert Card Riser Support 2230 2242 2260 2280 NVME PCIE M2 SSD”
I don’t know if it’s identical in function to the HUYUN adapter you listed or not
Thanks for the link! That on is definitely cheaper, so I may get it. Beyond that though, do you have any idea about what NVMe SSDs are compatible?
Yes, this one
must be Key E
Also, not all NVMe drives will work and we still don't know which do and which do not work
SN520 and SN530 from WD are known to be working
Oh cool thanks for the info!
I'm quite new to this topic , and I must say I'm quite confused! 🙃 Like I explained in #1170530310027485194 , I try to setup a small size-factor storage for my TPi2. @DhanOS (Daniel Kukiela), which product do you refer to when you say "this one" ? I can''t see anywhere that it is key "E" SSD compatible, neither on the adapters or the drive of previous links... Is there any doc that could help me to understand this topic ?
I’m a little short on time, so I’ll be brief. This is an example adapter.
The actual M.2 NVMe SSD is more complex. Basically not every SSD is compatible with a raspberry pi. However, Jeff Geerling has compiled a list of ones that are compatible. See here.
I’ll have to confirm but this one should work based on Jeff’s compatibility list. It’s not the exact model, but same brand, just with more GBs
I’ll let you know if I can get it to show up!
Hope this helps
Thank you @iotidiot ! What I find confusing is that it says that the adapter is mainly for WiFi cards! 🤪 Thank you for the list, I'll have to find similar items which can be shipped to France now! 🙂
Yeah that’s actually probably true! But it won’t matter what the device is being used for - the adapter is a passive device, it just routes the pins or buses.
Good luck on sourcing your devices! As a community, we probably ought to start making a list of compatible devices for the CM4. surely others will run into this too!
And in fact I think Jeff’s is an open source page. So we can just add there.
I'll spend some time to investigate all this and will let you know the results here also! 🙂
Sorry to bother you again @iotidiot , but do you know where does this "key E" requirement mentioned by @DhanOS (Daniel Kukiela) come from ? (if there is actually one ?) On Jeff's list, this item says it requires a M.2 B or B+M key slot... Do you know exactly what are the requirements we have to follow ?
Best of luck!
Thank you @iotidiot ! I tried a few things and got new problems I mentioned here ! 😆
I'm currently trying to play with BOOT_ORDER stuff to see if it can solve things...
This is my bad and I apologise for the mistake. I meant "B"
Thank you for the clarification ! 😜