Wiki Update - Jetson Orin Nano page
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I attempted to suggest an edit but it wouldn't let me, but on this page would be cool to mention the torx t6 is what you need for the screws. save people some time hunting for the right thing 🙂 Also should be a document tag or wiki tag to tag posts for suggested edits if we're not able to suggest them directly on the documentation
Suggesting works, people are suggesting edits (I see these suggestions)
What do you mean by "I attempted to suggest an edit but it wouldn't let me"?
t On this page, in the upper right hand corner of my screen under thee header is 'suggest edits' Click that. goes into edit mode. went down to where I thoguht the edit should go to add that it's a T6 and then hit the suggest button again, put in comments/title, hit submit, then in lower right red box appears 'couldn't submit suggestion'
Hmm, can you screenshot the change you are trying to make? I'm not sure why wouldn't it let you make a suggestion, so maybe it's something in the content you're adding?
I get a 403 error in the browser developer console when trying to submit an edit
and this pops up in the bottom-right

this is with logging in through a temporary link of
it happens in both Firefox and Opera
I tried to add commands for Xavier NX:
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sed -i 's/cvb_eeprom_read_size = 256/cvb_eeprom_read_size = <0x0>/g' Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra194-mb1-bct-misc-flash.cfg
sed -i 's/cvb_eeprom_read_size = 256/cvb_eeprom_read_size = <0x0>/g' Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra194-mb1-bct-misc-l4t.cfg
sed -i 's/cvb_eeprom_read_size = 256/cvb_eeprom_read_size = <0x0>/g' Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra194-mb1-bct-misc-l4t-maxn.cfg
sed -i 's/cvb_eeprom_read_size = 256/cvb_eeprom_read_size = <0x0>/g' Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra194-mb1-bct-misc-sd-l4t.cfg
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sudo ./tools/kernel_flash/ --external-device nvme0n1p1 -c tools/kernel_flash/flash_l4t_external.xml -p "-c bootloader/t186ref/cfg/flash_l4t_t194_qspi_p3668.xml" --showlogs --network usb0 jetson-xavier-nx-devkit internal