X86 CoMs with Turing Pi 2-compatible SO-DIMMs?
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Hi, It looks like there's a whole bunch of x86 computer-on-modules, including with SO-DIMM connectors. If I got it right, Turing Pi 2 wants 260pin SO-DIMM, if I got Jetson specs right? Anything x86 based in the appropriately electrically compatible form factor? Bonus points for Thunderbolt. Sure, I can emulate x86 on ARM at... some... "speed". It would be neat, though, to get some Atom or similar mixed in on a Turing Pi 2 carrier board. Why? For fun, nothing else really. Is anyone aware of someone building an x86 CoM/SoM that would be electrically compatible with Turing Pi 2 / Jetson?
(There's even standards that x86 CoM manufacturers came up with, e.g. SMARC (?), but these don't seem to be related to 260pin (?) SO-DIMMs on Turing Pi 2.)