Imaging node OS from BMC
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I'd love to be able to pre-load (or
) OS images to the SD card on the back of the tpi that's mounted as
and re-image nodes from BMC rather than having to use the CM4 USB port and a separate computer. Is this 1) Currently possible? 2) Technically feasible? 3) On roadmap?
1) No 2) Yes 3) Yes
The Team is working on a new firmware which should have such feature implemented
awesome! that'd make managing the cluster a lot nicer (so my lazy butt doesn't have to move the tpi2 around when i'm imaging things)
And this is why the BMC chip exists on the board - to make such things possible
any place where one can go to see features such as this on a roadmap and dev process in action? Is this all somewhere in the bmc github? I'm a fan of self-service where possible