Total newbie question regarding navigating the BMC
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How do I do it? the # prompt has me scratching my head. I know I can read/edit via vi (painful for a nano guy) if I know where a file sits, but otherwise, not having any luck looking at files, directories, etc. I typically get an error mentioning "-sh", so I'm assuming some sort of scripting environment? I can survive in a typical linux environment, but am totally confused by what I am seeing, and not seeing any documentation that explains, though, full disclosure, I've not scoured every relevant github code file.
This is a very minimalistic Linux distribution. It fits in less than 20 MB so do not expect it to have the tools and binaries that you know
it's super stripped down (or, from the other side, not feature-rich)
There's no space on the BMC flash memory for more
The CE version of teh firmware is going to move the root onto the SD card at some point and add multiple tools and maybe even
instead of
I saw that, and what I'm realizing is, it's not like I'm missing some magical commands to dig further into the files/directories via the shell, I have tpi as an interface and can use vi to edit existing files. I'm a little clearer now I think... 😆 ), thanks.
@donfl I'm glad doing a ls -l for /bin I found showed me what's going on its' all busybox underthe hood
Aha..ok. Thank you! That's what I was missing...the proper syntax for ls type commands when in the shell (I profess total ignorance as far as any shell skills). I'm not at all familiar with busybox, but a quick google explained the concept.
The BMC code uses a fair amount of Linaro. I believe BusyBox began there. Linaro started out as a Linux-derivative smartphone OS. At least that's what it was when I used and hacked Palm Pre WebOS devices.