Up and running!
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All up and running with 4xCM4s and a SATA SSD on node 3. Runing Raspberry Pi Lite 64-bit and all happy as a clam. The only hiccough was the well-documented 'use node 3 or 4 for USB initialisation' which I'd managed to read just prior to starting the set-up process, and also wondering why a M.2 SATA wasn't working in the Node 1 M.2 slot (no SATA capability, but can be done with a M.2 SATA adapter/controller (which I'm waiting to arrive)). I also added a static MAC to the BMC so that my DHCP server can give it a static IP. Now what do do with it.... Going to play with MicroShift (the edge-device version of OpenShift) to build a K8 cluster. Also waiting for a case to arrive, and some heatsinks. So at the moment it's just a disco sitting beside me.
Q: which M.2 SATA adapter/controller did you order?
Excellent! What are you running on the nodes (any K8s?) and where did you get the CM4's?
Soz - been away on a business trip. @mahtin_w6lhi - I ordered the little ASM1061 Mini PCIE to SATA3.0 jobbie from eBay. About AUD21 delivered. It took 2 weeks to get there but it fired right up. @netweson - I sucked it up and went to AliExpress. The CM4s were about AUD170ea. The seller was awesome, they took about a week to arrive. I ordered one just to check the supply line and it's the real deal, so I ordered 3 more.
As for what I'll run on the cluster, I've got no idea. I work in Telecomms and there's a piece of Nordic software that is giving us grief, so itd be fun to install it on the cluster but unfortunately I'd have to recompile it for ARM and there's no way I'd get the source code (or even want ot see it for that matter - it's a mess).