How are you using your Turing Pi 1?
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For anyone who has a Turing Pi 1, what are you using it for, what OS do you have on it, etc.?
I have a Turing Pi 1 with two CM3+ modules. I'm considering finding a use for it so I'm curious about best OS to use, use case, etc.
64-bit or 32-bit OS (only 1GB so...)
OS: Ubuntu server, Diet Pi
run each CM3+ as a separate Pi but in a more compact form-factor or a lite cluster using a different Pi for admin
@Dan Manners (@Cisco) would you please share your wisdom?
I was running Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit on my CM3+ units, IIRC. Lite units, 16 & 32GB MicroSD cards.
Definitely ran fine with k3s with a few things restricted from running on the Pi's, but TBH it worked great AS LONG as you kept the control plane node off of CM3+ units. I was running it in a VM on the same network, but also tried it off a CM4 unit with a small NVMe drive. Worked great for me 🙂
I haven't been using my 2-node TP1, but I do have Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit on one of my nodes
I have DietPi w/pihole running on a first-get Pi 256MB so I was considering that as well
my two CM3 are eMMC versions
I think I had a couple of the eMMC units, but they died after some time unfortunately 😦
I had been looking for a FAQ for "Turing Pi 1 in 2022" or something but couldn't find one, so this topic is an attempt to concentrate some of this info
with only two nodes I was deliberating between using it as a tiny cluster, or as two independent Pi's on an ITX board...
@Dan Manners (@Cisco) do you know anyone else who still has or recently had their TP1 operating?
thx btw
is there any reason not to run a newer Ubuntu version?
Oh I'm sure you could, I just wasn't
I got my second node up running an ADS-B feeder:
btw, I have DietPi running on my CM3+
What is it good for... absolutely nothing. Sadly since purchasing my V1 its been sat collecting dust as I cannot source CM3s any more (see
and I'm running an ADS-B feeder on one of my nodes