3D printable, stackable TP2 board case
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For anyone interested, I just posted the second version of my 3D printable stacking case; it should prove especially useful if you intend to run multiple TP2 boards and want to keep everything compact and tidy. Find it on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5978923
This is my own make, with the lid and base from lightofhonor's case design (with which this design is compatible):


did you print this with PLA? I tried and it broke when I tried to snap it together 😦
Yeah, PLA with 30% infill. Haven't had problems with the tabs breaking though, that's a surprise to me... I used the same snapping tabs/slots as lightofhonor's design.
hmm weird
well whatever, I can always glue it
I was considering printing it in PETG to get better flexibility
could be poor layer adhesion but I haven't had any other problems
When I very first got my printer, the (hastily translated to English) instructions said "make sure the nozzle is 1mm off the bed" and I shrugged it off like "...that's weird but OK"
Prints sorta worked but the adhesion was obviously really bad
nah my plate adhesion is fine
I mean between layers
The between-layer adhesion was bad too
might have just been brittle cause it was cold in the room too
my prints in general have no problems
Drafts/chills do tend to suck for prints
also yeah, I'm surprised prints worked at all 1 mm off the bed 😄
They came out really lumpy, but they had the correct general shape
I was an absolute beginner, so I had no idea it was supposed to be more like the thickness of a piece of paper. I was frustrated trying to figure out how to level to precisely 1mm 😂
I sure have no regrets adding a bl.touch
manual leveling is a pain
I have some filaments with bad layer adhesion, and I have a few like that. What sometimes helps is to raise the temperature significantly. Another thing to try is to lower cooler speed. Both things will mean more glossy print and possibly worse visual uality, though.
When I caused magic smoke on one of my BLTouch probes (stupid mistake with wiring) I have one printer that I level by hand. And it's not this bad 😄
@CFSworks , does the case have mounts for SSD?
The base project has a 2x2.5" layer:
there wasn't a case planned for the turingpi, i recall a blog in may or june or something no?