Borg Cube case 3D print model
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05/20/2023, 12:06 PM
Browsing Thingiverse looking for a 3D print model for a suitable mini-ITX case for my brand new Turing Pi2, I stumbled upon a great design from BlackBanshee: As many mini-ITX case models, the dimensions were to large to print on my standard Ender3V2 with limited bed size. Fortunately, the TuringPi2 can be fitted in a smaller case that does fit my printing bed. I am new to 3D modelling but I decided to give it a shot and resize the original model by 25%. The original model's instructions are very clear and can be used to assemble the parts. I am using the Pico-PSU and an external power supply so I did not add the support for an internal PSU to the remix. It may be a tight fit to include the required support on the base plate, but maybe someone with more experience in modeling can make it work. As I had a 14mm fan laying around, I modeled the back to accomodate it. The exterior case has many ventilations holes (they give a nice effect in the dark when additional LEDs are added), so using a smaller fan should be possible. The LED's added are standard WS8211b strip driven by the Jetson TX2 NX module in slot 1 through SPI on GPIO-header pin 36 (MOSI). I have also moved the SSD slots of the original model from bottom to back. I have added screw holes for standard SSD MX3 screws to secure the drives. Please note that these prints will cover most of your printbed and require a perfectly level bed. Especially for the complex and highly detailed top, left, right and front panels. All sides will take about 8 hours to print each. As this is my first attempt in reworking a model like this, I am sure things can be further improved (e.g. hole for power plug underneath the SSD drives) or added (power/reset buttons) so feel free to rework this model as you see fit.


05/20/2023, 1:29 PM
very cool


05/22/2023, 7:35 PM
I'll second that! Very cool.


06/16/2023, 11:42 AM
@takeshibe would you be so kind and modify the case to accommodate a 120mm fan? I am just learning Fusion 360 and don't know how to modify a file 😦


07/14/2023, 1:29 PM
@schdrucke sorry for the late response, I am a bit short on free time nowadays. I will maybe make a 120mm version but it won't be short term. However, I have absolutely no experience with professional apps to make these things. As mentioned, my design is just a remix of an existing model and changes were made using Tinkercad. This is a free for personal use online tool and is very simple to use. You can import the existing STL and if you want to change the size of the fan, you can just draw a solid block filling the hole of the 140mm fan and make a smaller hole for the 120mm fans and 4 holes for the screws. I don't have a 120mm available so not sure where the screw holes should go but I assume just scaled to 120mm.