Customising Jetson Nano pinout
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So I noticed yesterday that the Jetson Nano actually has the capability to remap some of the I/O pins - it's recommended to do it for each carrier board. I wonder if it's possible to unlock some of the missing Jetson functionality this way
In particular there's something about an x4 and an x1 PCIe lane, plus additionally USB3.0 and USB2.0 controllers
I see the Orin has PCIE0 (x4) around 131-162
Which is same for Nano
And then PCIE1 on the Orin is 167-174
Hmm but that's reserved on the Nano
I do see USB0-2 listed with 109,111, 115,117 and 163,161
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To define your board’s pinmux configuration, you must download the appropriate Jetson Nano pinmux table from the Jetson Download Center and customize it for the configuration of your board using the following procedures. Be sure to get the right version of the table for your SOM.
Absolutely wild to me that they use Microsoft Excel as the GUI for configuring these, but it should make it pretty easy to see what combinations are valid at least
Yeah... There's some jetson_io tool in recent versions of L4T apparently